Organizing saves space. 11year old, convinced.

In the last days I’ve been trough our storage room in my free time (which means, kids time and I’m not working on my master thesis) in order to de-clutter our home step by step and to organize our space better. We have so many things, bags, shoes, clothes, piles of paper work (which I’ll be getting to as soon as I’ve graduated, yes, this day will come). I admit, I consider organizing fun. On the one hand our living situation improves and it’s a calming meditative exercise (apart from the dust which makes my allergy worse), on the other hand, the kids love it too. Baby girl climbs the stairs, toddler boy climbs the ladder. Both climb in and out of boxes and have a look at all those things I bring to light and put away again. Kids activity, check.

I put the kids clothes in their boxes sorted by size. I gave away clothes that I didn’t want to keep just that we have them. I gave half our bags away and we still have plenty (though I’m still looking for some kids bags which I thought we’d have somewhere because I promised a rucksack to my neighbor). There are some things we can sell our give away. Today I sorted the shoes by sizes (25-26, 27-29, 30-32, 33-38, 39+).

Somehow I’m left with more empty boxes now than one would expect considering the amount of things I gave away. I told my pre-puberty step-son about this and how organizing things makes so much sense not only because you actually find things easier but also due to storing space you safe. His reaction was a bit reluctant and he asked if this also holds true if you have lots of space and almost no things. Before I had time to find an answer he brought an example and pointed at the kitchen cabinet. What about this small area, he asked. So I took all the plates out (1/3 of one shelf) and all the glasses too (1/3 of another shelf), put everything at the table and asked him to hand me the items randomly. I put everything he gave me back to the shelves where I had taken it out. But the difference was, I was not following a system. So glass came next to glass, then a plate onto it, another plate, another plate, glass, glass. When one shelf was full I turned to the second one, same procedure. Not even half of the plates and glasses fit in. He saw that I got a point here. And I was impressed by my teaching creativity. 🙂


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