Review: „The Daily Workout Plan“

When I was looking for spring party ideas on Pinterest, I found several ideas for working out at home. Does this sound strange? For those of you who use Pinterest and love it you’ll know how this came about. I pinned these ideas for later, when I’ll be fit enough to exercise again. And this later finally came about. I started with jogging around the place where I live which was a windy and sunny 25 minutes run of about 2 kilometers. It felt good, really. I didn’t do much sport over the past three years, so I was really really looking forward to it. I didn’t want to start with body weight exercises straight away. I did this a couple of times while and after breastfeeding my daughter but always got really sick afterwards because my body was exhausted and just not ready yet. So I wanted to start slowly this time with a nice little test run that boost my confidence because I actually did finish it. I was happy to be outdoors, in the sun, and this time I was still fine the next day, apart from a little muscle soreness (in German we call it Muskelkater which literally translates as „muscle tom cat“), but this is probably one of the parts I like most about exercising anyway. It gives me the prove afterwards that I actually worked out, not only fantasized about it. So when two days after my run my health was still up I looked for one workout plan from my list that I wanted to start with.

The winner was Back On Pointe with a daily exercise plan for each day of the week. I really liked the idea a) that I could start any time of the week b) that it has an exercise plan for every day of the week c) that the exercises are thought to be done throughout the day. c) might be the crucial point, with two kids there’s always a good chance of not being able to finish a full workout at once.
In this post I want to share with you my experience with this work out plan.

Day 1 – Friday.

Since I live with a fitness instructor I thought I could skip the „Go to YouTube, type in “[name of exercise] exercise” and you’ll find plenty of videos showing you how to do them.“ part. I hate doing this simply because a) it’s so time consuming  watching the videos, b) it’s hard for me to get how the exercise is done simply by watching, which again is time consuming c) there’s nobody giving me feedback even if I try hard to do the exercises right. I let myself show how tricep dips, side lurges, incline push-ups and oblique crunches are done, because these were the exercises I wasn’t sure about and then I tried to fit the exercises in during the afternoon.

So here is my Friday résumé: Jumping Jacks actually do get exhausting after quite some repetitions. Crunches, sit-ups and the like are better done with a soft mat underneath, otherwise your butt will get sore, sooner than you think. Butt kickers are mean! I couldn’t lift my leg afterwards when I wanted to do the whole thing again starting with the other leg, I mean I could, but only after concentrating hard. After some repetitions I had to count shouting the numbers out loud, so N (11yrs) in the other room had a blast listening and talking about it afterwards. My son (2yrs) copied me afterwards by shouting „Eins! Vier!“ (one! four!) – he’s starting on counting, ain’t he? I love jump squats. I actually thought I’d invented a new exercise a couple of months ago, when I first had the impulse to try them, but Mr Fit told me that they’d already exist. I was disappointed and proud at the same time. 5 is a small number but after the butt kickers 5 was enough. You should be careful with jack knife sit-ups since they easily do you more harm than good so better look for other exercises. I’m really glad that I have somebody showing me how the exercises are done correctly. This one is important since you can do yourself harm if you do them wrong. The more corrective feedback you get at the beginning the better. What I missed  here was an exercise for the back. The next day I could feel the muscles in my legs but was not sure if it was from running or the leg exercises.

Day 2 – Saturday

What a letdown! My personal fitness instructor quit when I showed him how the exercises would go on. He wasn’t that much of a fan of the Friday exercises but when he saw the plan for Saturday there was no way he’d show me any more exercises I didn’t know. In his opinion the whole Daily Workout Plan is in no way balanced. But since I want to try it and give feedback on it, I carry on. Back to „Go you YouTube, type in “[name of exercise] exercise” and you’ll find plenty of videos showing you how to do them.“ then. I was disappointed, as you can imagine. For reasons why see above. However, as usual, I try to see the bright side: a) most of you won’t have an expert at home so this review is more authentic b) I got the idea to write about my exercise plan experiences, with the benefit for me that I need to reflect what I do.

I did the other version of Jumping Jacks than the day before for variation reasons. This exercises is starting to get towards my arms. I did 90 Russian twists (I used the lightest play ball from my kids, which was fair enough to start with) until I recognized I wasn’t doing Russian twists because my back was not up. When I did them correctly for the last few repetitions this exercise made so much more sense and hurt less. I had some trouble finding a good kneeling position, one that didn’t hurt my knees, one that felt right, and then the 5 push-ups where hard, small number but mean if you haven’t done push-ups for a very long time or never really. I HOPE I did the yoga downward dog correctly. Lunges felt strange inside without actually walking around. When I did bird-dogs I had to look up that exercise only to find out that I’d known that already but under no name. Somehow this exercise didn’t work my back as I had hoped, so maybe I didn’t do it all right? When I did the inner thigh lifts, my kids tried to climb me. Since it was the last exercise I just want to finish it. So I sat down baby girl some meters away, did some repetitions, until she came climbing again and so did her brother, the little copy cat. It was fun though with the kids. And I kinda finished the workout in one go. We had to leave in the late morning and wouldn’t return before late afternoon so I wanted to get it done. I can now feel my arms, my butt, my abs and my front thighs. Now, at almost bed time, I can feel my back muscles too. To document my progress or not I asked N to take a picture of me before the second workout, and I’ll ask him to take one after the last one.

Update (April 22):

Day 3 – Sunday

Again, I had to do the workout in the morning because me and the kids were leaving for Vienna.

We went to the zoo and walked around for more than 5 hours. I was so tired in the evening.

Day 4 – Monday

While I was away, M must have looked at the workout plan. He also was helping me again. When I asked him how lunge split jumps were done correctly (I wasn’t feeling to comfortable with them yet) he suggested split squads instead, so if you’re a beginner, do those.

Day 5 – Tuesday

Day 6 – Wednesday

In the morning I got my wisdom tooth pulled out. I didn’t expect to be so dizzy afterwards. I went to bed hungry and slept past noon. I wasn’t sure if I could even make it to today’s workout but in the afternoon I felt better. Still I had the feeling as if someone had punched me in the face really hard but otherwise I was fine.

Day 7 – Thursday

Friday morning my almost 9 year old camera kid took some slightly blurred after pictures (I didn’t check the settings before I handed the camera over to him). After one week you can’t expect wonders, I know. But I tried looking for changes on my body. I feel that the waist is slightly more defined now.
However, I wouldn’t carry on with this plan. Mr Fit had some good points there. What I liked about the whole thing was that I eventually got to get started. I wanted to start with something not too hard before I’d turn to functional fitness (which I highly recommend).


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