Activities: Cracking Eggshells, Rice and Shapes Bin, Marble Run

Yesterday was a kinda rough day with the kids (or should I say for the kids with me?). At least for me it felt this way. I’m not totally well at the moment, so that’s probably the reason anways. To ensure that the kids won’t be bored by their tired only mum again today I looked up some possible activities on Play Create Explore (they have tons of activities there!). Here’s what we did this morning: 1) An Egg Shell Sensory Activity. 2) Baby Sensory Bin: Noodles, Rice, and Shapes. Without Noodels. I had some leftover egg shells from the spring party preparations, so I just had to put them into a bowl and let P (26m) do the cracking. Like we did with the Easter Surprise Eggs (a post on those will follow!) he wanted to do egg tapping. He cheered with pure delight. T (9m) meanwhile would have eaten up the egg shells or turned around the bowl but mummy was watching her.

Egg Shell Activity

Egg Shell Activity

I thought P would enjoy this activity a little longer, so I prepared the Rice bin for T. We had no noodles at home so it was rice and shapes only. P instantly turned to the rice bin, so no egg shell mashing today. T played a little along, again I had to stop her from eating the rice. P really enjoyed the rice activity.

Sensory Bin wih Rice and Shapes

Sensory Bin wih Rice and Shapes

Sensory Bin wih Rice and Shapes

Sensory Bin wih Rice and Shapes

I’d say the kids had fun and so did I. The cleaning was a little bit of a tedious process. P wanted to help as always but just didn’t want to really clean up. When he had enough he left the scene. But as soon as I wanted to sweep the floor he was here playing again. So Man took the kids to build a marble run. P enjoyed watching the marbles roll down and T had a go at the building blocks. And I had time to clean up the remanider of the rice and egg shell little mess.


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