Seperating Waste for Toddlers

P (2yrs) loves helping in all ways and this also includes throwing rubbish away. Most of the times he guesses the right bin. But sometimes he got confused by „left“ and „right“ (he scores about just over 50% here) and then diapers landed in the organic waste and whatsoever. I had been thinking about drawing unto the bins for quite some while but always forgot when I would have had time to do it. The things is, I didn’t want my son to witness the drawing because we’re telling him that he is only allowed to draw on paper. He has already done some pencil wall graphitis so I saw no need in encouraging him there. For the organic waste bin I chose an apple. Easy, apple is fruit. Fruit is food. All waste food goes into the apple bin. But what to draw on the residual waste bin? I didn’t want to have any ugly image there. And then I had my answer. What he throws most away are diapers (one baby, one toddler, no more to say). We use a brand that labels the different sizes by animals. So mice are mini, rabbits are midi and elephants are maxi. Not bad at all. Since baby girl has rabbit size and boy has elephant size those two made it unto the bin. Now it’s easy. In case my son is confused we say, put it in the apple bin. Or, no not in the elephant one, not in the apple one, into „the other one“, which is plastic waste, which had to go without a drawing since it has no surface to draw on. Here are my waste pieces of art.



For the little ones.

For the little ones.


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