St. Patricks‘ Day Finger Painting

When I was looking for St Patrick’s day ideas I came upon this St. Patrick’s Day Craft Party and I wanted to give the finger painted rainbow a try. I thought my 2year old boy would love it plus I’d have my kids‘ handprints on canvas once again, making memories.

While the others were out for a walk I put some green footprints on the fridge door. I didn’t mention them and acted all surprised when my little one discovered them. He learned a new word „Fußabdrücke“ (footprints) and I told him that it must have been leprechauns visiting. To illustrate I showed him a picture of the little people.

After the kids‘ nap we went to work. I painted P’s hands in the colours of the rainbow. He had most fun washing his hands in between. I put a bowl with warm water next to him every time we were finished with a colour. When baby girl woke up we painted a second rainbow with her hand prints. In her other hand she was tightly holding on to a brush. I think she liked her first painting experience too.


After the rainbow was finished (yes, I know, the pot is yet missing, will come tomorrow or so) P was daring to paint his hands by himself and do some more painting. So I gave him a smaller canvas to paint, no instructions here, he picked the colours by himself and did all the painting. It was nice just watching him picking colours, mixing them, painting his hands, pressing them unto the canvas, thinking about the next step. I love how it turned out.Image

Update: As promised, here is the pot of gold:

(I put the painting on the couch to let it dry. When my little boy woke up, he discovered the gold, touched it and went „O nein“ (O no) because now the paint was on his fingers. After a moment of wondering, he went straight off to the bathroom to wash his hands. Since he liked our reaction the first time, he touched the gold a second time. And went „O nein“ again. 🙂 ).

DSC05853 (Small)


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