The First Sunday in Advent of Easter + DIY Spring Decoration with Ribbons

Last Sunday we had a small First Sunday in Easter advent family get-together at our home.  Advent of Easter? Yes! I had this brilliant idea of starting a Sunday in Advent tradition as in the Christmas season. 1) Isn’t really Easter the most important holiday in Christianity? And why then is it kinda neglected in comparison to Christmas? 2) All this Easter decoration – Should we really use it only for one weekend a year? 3) Counting the weeks towards Easter prepares me for the holidays. No more emptyhandedness this year!

We had cake.

Lamb CakeHalf a Lamb Cake

We painted.


Plus, I got this little Easter rabbit rotary candle holder (änglaspel), since I thought the kids would love it (no doubt I do).

änglaspelDSC05695 (Small)

It comes with a pure vegetable palm oil candle, isn’t that nice?

I also couldn’t wait to finally get that small decoration project done I had planned the previous days. Years, many years ago, I received this bowl as a birthday gift, decorated in black and orange ribbons. My birthday is on Oct 31, that shall explain the colours. I never got myself to remove them until recently.

The glass bowlThe glass bowl from above

And then I had the obvious idea: Redecorate the bowl as seasons change. So I went out shopping for springly ribbons. This is the result.

DSC05614 (Small)

I’ll put a candle inside or maybe small treats. I also did a water jug and a flower vase. Spring party is ahead!

Jug + BowlVase + Jug + Bowl

Lovely, isn’t it? Plus, cheap and easy to do.


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