Keith Haring Inspired Canvas Paintings

I made those Keith Haring inspired canvas paintings for our home a while ago at Atelier Mandala.

The paintings fitted nicely between two windows.

The paintings fitted nicely between two windows.

I knew I wanted to have five little paintings that would harmonize. Thus I had to ponder a while which colours to use where. I started with yellow and red. Those are in every picture. I then added blue as the third colour. Green was the fourth colour. But since I wanted to have a different background colour in every piece I chose purple instead of green for the last one.

When I hung them up it also took me a while until I figured out how and where to hang them. I finally discovered the perfect space – between two windows in our living room. By arranging them I followed the colours (telling a story just didn’t work). Red/yellow –> Red/yellow/blue (+blue) –> Red/yellow/blue/green (+green) –> Red/yellow/blue/green –> Red/yellow/blue/purple (-green/+purple).

The fun part is that you can invent little stories with those pictures which are open for interpretation. The kids see a lot in them and relate them to personal experience. The big boys used to argue who of them was the green football player and who was the red one.

You need:

– Wrapped Canvas (about 20x20cm)
– Pencil
– Acrylic Paint
– Black permanent marker (I used STEADLER permanent Lumocolor M)
– Any Keith Haring picture you like (Search Keith Haring Artworks here)

1) By using a pencil make a free hand drawing copy unto canvas of the picture you chose. Draw only lightly. You can play around with the shapes of the motifs here. For example, as you can see in the pictures, I sometimes changed the shape of a male figure into a female one.
2) Paint the picture with acrylic paint. You can choose any colour combinations that please you.
3) Let dry.
4) Draw the conutures with the permanent marker. You can do that in one line or add a second line so that the contures get thicker.

When you’re doing several paintings as I did, paint them simultaneously, one colour after the other, so that the colours have the same outcome.

Untitled –>1

Heart+Untitled –>


BestBodies+Untitled –>



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