Simple Earring Board

I used to keep my earrings in a nice little wood box. Of course I grew tired of looking for a match, and even worse, I forgot which earrings I had and therefore didn’t use them. I was looking for a simple way of organizing them. I browsed through a lot of ideas on how to make an earring board and nice frames and all that. But I didn’t want to put much work or money into it. It should be easy to use (no unplugging the ear studs before I could put them into the organizing thingy), all earrings should be on display, and it should work for hangers and studs likewise. And then there it was, this genius idea – I would simply use a cork pinboard. I tried the one we had at home and it worked. But this one was occupied so I bought a new one. And there it was – the flaw to the brilliant idea. This board just didn’t work. It was too tight, I could not put the earrings in without bending them. I did what I had to do – I exchanged the boards. The man got the new board (a bold intrusion into privacy, I know) and I took the old one for my little collection. I’m really pleased with myself on this one since it’s such a simple solution. Just be sure to check whether the board you want to use is suitable.

Earrings pinned on a cork board.

Earrings pinned on a cork board.


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