DIY Spring Window Decor

After storing away the seasonal winter items, I started having a go at the spring items. Last year I found a nice little idea for a spring window decor ( I didn’t want to buy the DIY kit because it looked easy to do on my own.  This year I added the translucent paper I didn’t have at home last year.

What you need is:

– a bowl (to draw circles),

– a pencil,

– yarn (to hang up the decor),

– a needle (to make the little holes into the paper),

– scissors,

– glue,

– cardboard paper,

– translucent paper.

I used a breakfast bowl to draw the circles which was just about the size I needed. You can use a CD or whatever round item you think appropriate.

I drew the middle motifs with a pencil until they had the form I wanted. Then I carefully cut them out. I made little templets for the smaller motifs so that they’d all look the same. Then I drew and cut them out too. With a needle and yarn I hung the pieces together. So much for last year. The colour is a little bit faded since the deco hang in the window during the sunny season.

This year I added the transparency paper. I put glue on the deco, glued it unto the paper and then cut it out. Be careful to not cut the yarn.

You can vary the motifs and colours any way you like.


Spring Window Decor Tutorial

This is how the JAKO-O version looked like.

This is how the JAKO-O version looked like.

Spring Window Decor

This is how it looks like on the window.


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