Storing Seasonal Deco (Christmas & Fall).

Spring is coming. Though there is still wee bit of snow outside and the temperatures haven’t risen much, today was the day I could finally get myself to pack away all the christmas decoration that had piled up in four different places waiting for me to put it neatly into the christmas box.

First step: Collect. I walked around the house and collected all things that might be still flying around, I went through the craft cupboard to get all items there, and I looked through all my postcards and greeting cards. I „defrosted“ our nature table.

Second: Sorting Christmas cards.  I put the christmas cards neatly together. Each card into a fitting envelope, matching cards held together by rubberbands. All those cards went into the TABU-box you see on the picture. They will be taken out in December and sent into the big wide world. Friends of mine, expect christmas mail again this year!

Third: Sorting deco items. I made piles for the deco items: -) straw stars & angels -) little christmas tree balls -) standing items -) wood items -) fabric items -) wax items -) pottery items -) whatever it is we own. (O for the love of making piles).

Fourth: Wrapping things up. All things that have a home went in their boxes. Fragile items were wrapped up.

Fifth: All into the box. The christmas tree cross I forgot. But everything else found its place.

Sixth: Label the box. I saved a christmas advert from the trash and put it outside the box. I think it looks lovely that way.

I use SAMLA boxes from IKEA, love them because you can stack them plus you see what’s inside. I measured the space between two shelves in the PAX cupboard so that the big boxes would fit in.

My fall items also found their place – in a smaller SAMLA box. Same procedure as above but with by far less items. I put the little Anne Geddes pumpkin puzzle in the front so I won’t need labelling and I like the look of it.

My christmas box. My fall box.


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